_glook's Website

This is a collection of stuff I've made. They are separated into sections by content type.

Games and Other Software
These are random programs I have made or have made by myself or with freinds. A lot of them were made when I was younger, but there's some newer stuff, like the Blackboard utility and Ragnarok Battle Offline Online (which I'm hoping to still get around to finishing one day).
MUGEN Creations
I used to do stuff with the fighting game engine M.U.G.E.N. I kinda waited around for 1.1 and that wasn't released (until 2013) and by then I kinda forgot about this stuff. I may or may not be interested enough to get back into things.
This is stuff I have done for GCARS, a program that lets you play Gamecube games online. The stuff I've done amounts to scripts that allow for syncing various games.
Sometimes I'll feel like writing something up and sharing it and it'll go here. It could really be anything.
Ouedan Translations with Pictures
I saw a bunch of Ouendan The translations by Ouendan_fangirl on Gamefaqs and thought it might be useful to see it visually with the original manga panels. I got permission from her to use it and started on this project. I never got very far, but here is what I have done.
IGN Archives
I used to frequent the IGN boards back when you had to pay money to access formatting capabilities. Here is an archive of some stuff I made when I was a member.
Things, Like Things I May Have Done For School Or Clubs I May Have Been Part Of At One Point Or Another.
Old Site Archive
From when I was in middle school with freinds. Kept because I don't like getting rid of stuff.


If you want to contact me, my email is uglook (_a-t_) uglook.net. Just replace the thing that looks like an @ with @ (it's an anti-spam measure).