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Tour of my Animal Crossing: Wild World house


World of Smash:
Most of these are done by me. The one exception is week 19, which was done by brdy.
If there is no link to it, that means I didn't back it up; if I ever get Insider, I'll be able to make backups, eventually.

Week 1: Link

Week 2: Mewtwo

Week 3: Doctor Mario

Week 4: Jigglypuff

Week 5: Falco

Week 6: Kirby

Week 7: Sheik

Week 8: Zelda

Week 9: Zelda+Sheik

Week 10: Bowser

Week 11: Pikachu

Week 12: Ice Climbers

Week 13: Samus

Week 14: Marth

Week 15: Pichu

Week 16: Ganondorf

Week 17: Fox

Week 18: Luigi

Week 19: Peach (done by brdy)


Extra 1: Sandback

Extra 2: Gigabowser


Week 101: Lip

Weak 15



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