A tour of _glook's house of (as done by Eric)

Hello hello! I was wondering when you'd get here! Oh, don't worry about it, I haven't been waiting long.

Well, this is my house; whatdya think?

Well, let's not dilly-dally. Come on inside!

It's not all that much but it's home. It certainly isn't as good as some of the homes I've seen on the interweb thingy. Well, don't just stand at the door! Come in!

Ah yes, my pet goldfish, Taji. Ain't he nice? And he's also very low maitnance! He doesn't need to be fed at all! And of course, what kind of housekeeper would I be without my vacuum cleaner, eh?

Ah.. I love my comfy armchair. It's got a place to rest your arms! And it's right next to my CD Player too, so I can just switch songs simply by moving my right hand. Oh, the sword? Pah, Greg Dean may not have a Master Sword in HIS house but *I* certainly do! How did I get it? Well, one day, I ventured far into the dark, steamy, recesses of Glacier. I met a wonderful chap named Wes and off we went on a glorious adventure! He battled a "Flower-Trampler" with his mighty sword and after our adventure was over, he told me that I could have it as a gift! Isn't he wonderful? Oh, the picture? That's the picture of my wonderful neighbor Mitzi! She's a darling and we're best freinds. I don't know how I'd be able to fare in this crazy town without her!

Please don't scratch the piano while we move on; it's very expensive.

It isn't anything wonderful but it's very cozy, I'll have you know. I sometimes have recitals in here and a few people can sit on my couch while I twiddle on the piano. I'm not really that good but it's fun to play my favorite tunes on it sometimes, such as the town tune itself! I also have my bonzai near the window to give it some light. And of course, I need to keep a lid on my trash; don't want my room to be all smelly you know!

I'm not really sure why my mother sent me that snowboard but I love her dearly and don't want to dissapoint. At any rate, it looks "cool" if not sort of out of place. Of course, many things in my house are out of place [laughing]. But that's just how I am and the home certainly cannot reflect the style someone else, now can it?

Oh, the Triforce? Ah yes, a cunning fox came to town and when he saw that look in my eye, he knew I would buy that thing for any price. I lost a lot of money, but it was worth it. I don't even think the fox knew what kind of power he was holding on too. I'm going to keep it in my house for now, to keep it from falling into the wrong hands. What does it do? Well, that's for me to know. I'm so sorry; let's move on.

Ah... yes, my globe. Often I just sit here spinning this thing around and around. I sometimes just do it for kicks but sometimes I really wonder what it would be like to travel the world. Unfortunatly, the train, The USB Connector, does not run through my town yet so I can only go to other places through the McDonald's Wifi Transportation Service bus and that doesn't come to town very often. Come March, however, I hear that a company called "Best Buy" will be supplying my town with a train after the "Metroid Hunters" contract goes through. Then, I'll be able to travel the world!

Oh, my computer? Yes, of course I have one! Everyone must have a computer these days, with all the computing and such that goes on in our modern world. I have to keep in touch with my... how do you say it... "peeps"? Yes, often, I come home after a long day and log on to my computer and log onto the IGN network to talk to other people. It is quite an enjoyable experience. Here, let me turn my computer on for you.

Oh, that sound? That, of course, is my dialup modem dialing my ISP to connect to the Internet! What?! You've never heard that sound before!? Honestly, weren't you around during the 90s? I, unfortunatly, don't live in a big city like many do and don't have access to broadband internet. I still have to connect through my dialup modem. What are you doing? Stop snickering! I'm not behind the times! I know C++ darn you!

... What do you mean, "That's so last year?" What do you mean, "Everyone has switched to Java?" C++ will never die! NEVER!!!!!

Ahem. I'm sorry, I lost my composure for a second. Woo! I'm feeling kind of dizzy! I think I need to go lie down in my bed for a second. It's been a long day; in fact, I should probably turn in. I'll let one of my roommates take care of guiding you through the rest of the house. The second floor is theirs at any rate. And let me tell you, it's not easy trying to get those two to agree on anything. Their room is the ultimate clash, I'll have you know.

Anyway, I have to turn off my computer; don't want to waste any electricity! Excuse me while I pull out my chair so I can turn my computer off.

Ah yes, the low hummer of a computer turning off. Well, off to bed! It's been nice having you here!

Oh those two. Those are my roommates. Hahaha, dont' let them scare you too much. They can be a handful sometimes, but they can handle themselves very well. Since _glook is being very moody right now, I'll let you talk to Tunako. Oh no, he wasn't at a costume party. He just likes to pretend he's different people sometimes. Right now, he thinks he's a pirate; isn't that adorable? [Hmm... they seem to be nervous. Maybe it's because I'm leaving them alone in this house with someone who is seemingly crazy. No, that can't be it.] Ah! Well, good night now!


[poke poke]


Huh? Oh hi. Let me get loaded up here!

Preparing Marilune. Do not turn the power off or remove the Game Card. Dun dun dun dun dop dop! Dun dun dun dun dop dop! Dun dun dun dun dop dop! Dun dun dun du-

Thank you for waiting, enjoy your stay!

Hmm... I smell of sea. I don't want to smell of sea. I want to smell of fresh and goodiness! [Spontaneous changing] Why is your face so red? I think I remember something like this on TV once! I think it's called "blushing." It happens when someone catches someone else naked! Awesome! I got someone to blush! WEEEEE! Let's go to my room!

This is my room! Isnt it so cool? Well, actually, it isn't just my room; that meany _glook also lives here. He has those noisy video games right in the corner of the room! I'm trying to watch TV and run around in circles but NOOOO, _glook had to be a jerk and put that dumb machinery where I want to have my crazy time. Now I have to walk all the way downstairs and out the door to have any crazy fun. Anyway, let's start with my favorite spot: Tunako's Corner!

For someone so chilly, Snowman sure makes some really comfy and warm furniture! I love sitting here! Mmmmm... I wish I had some cocoa.

Here's the stupid corner. All that _glook likes is violent and noisy video games. Why can't he enjoy something nice, like solitare or Bust-a-Move? At least he had the decency of putting a candy machine in here. Mmmm... candy. Me like candy...

Ooh ooh ooh! I love this part of the room too! It's so cool and CRAAAAAAZY, like a redd fox! It's like, I'm outside and there's an owl watching me but I'm also you know inside in a play place like in those fast food places but I'm also a crazy astranout in outerspace or somethingandI'malso a firemanwho puts out t3h fir3s but I put them out with my fruit juice because I'm alsoawatermelon growingoutof the ground whosgettingitshaircutandspinning inthechairgoingaroundandaroundandaroundandaroundand *-URK-*


_glook: I'm sorry you had to see that. You see, Eric sometimes forgets to give Tunako his medication and he gets like this and I have to come in with my stuff. This? Oh don't you worry, I didn't kill him with a real gun; it's just a tranquilizer.

Hi, I'm _glook. You must be the ones comming in for a visit. From looks of this room, the only place that isn't in ruins is the other corner of my side of the room. Here, let me finish up this tour.

Ah yes, my throne. Sometimes I like to sit here and pretend I'm some sort of ruler of something. I should really get rid of this phonograph. I didn't have any player except for my tape deck and Eric wouldn't let me use his CD Player so I ended up using Tunako's phonograph. It doesn't really play K.K. Metal or K.K. Technopop really well though because of it's "popping". I recently got a red boom box so that should all come to an end soon.

The hamster? It's name is Sochie. Tunako loves it to bits and as much of a pain in the butt Tunako is, I let him have a few things. He ran out of room in his corner to put all of his crap so he asked me if I could put Sochie in this place. It's probably for the best; I think Sochie would die of shock in an environment like that corner is.

Anyway, thanks for comming over. It's nice to have visitors over sometimes. Careful on your way out. See you later, folks.