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11/2/2005 - Eric: Okay, I'm going to rework this site. As long as it's here it might as well serve some purpose. Unfortunatly, I hate html and I no longer have Frontpage. And 6 people, for some reason, visited this site yesterday so I figure if I'm going to waste people's time, I should do it in a way that isn't, you know, wasteful. As soon as I get a decent editor that doesn't make me look through lines of text, I guess I'll put up something useful. Well, I guess the stuff here is useful somewhat. Some stuff from Cory are humorous and anything else might pass off as decent. But whatever. I don't like looking through lines of text to make a webpage. doing it for a program is so much more satisfactory. That and the fact that I suck at HTML. Why am I still typing?

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