Air Hockey

What is it? 

This is an air hockey game with a few extra additions:

Every NHL Team - At least from back when I was in middle school. Every team has different stats and some of them have special skills.
Hold - This takes your stick and extends it to grab the puck, where it will bounce around near you (but not past you). This lets you take your time to take a shot. Each team has different distances from which they can grab the puck from.
Slapshot - This shoots the puck harder in toward your opponent. Each team has differing power on their slapshot.
Time Stop - This stops everything in play except for the using player's stick. This is useful when the puck is about to go past, or when you want to get a nice shot. However, it can only be used when the timestop meter is full and it takes a few seconds to recharge after use. The duration of the time stop differs from team to team.
Special Skill - All of the teams are supposed to have a special skill but I never finished this game so only some of the teams have them, and they usually only work for Player 1. That aside, each time that has a special skill can use a special skill for every star they have (show at the blue line). This grants the player a great advantage for a time; for example, the Red Wings' special skill turns the puck into a fireball that immediatly shoots straight to the opposite side. The Mighty Ducks' special skills spawns five ducks in a V formation toward the opponent that each take one hit from the puck. Another star can be recieved by performing a "hat trick" (three goals in a row).

How do you play?

At the main screen, select a team either by clicking "Random" or clicking the box with the team name and scrolling up and down with the arrow keys. The team's stats should show up below the box. There is a tutorial mode which can be accessed by clicking the button for it. Clicking "Have computer player" turns player 2 into a CPU player, while "Have 2nd computer player" turns player 1 into a CPU player. The difficulty of the CPUs can be selected by clicking an option under "COM level". When all options have been set, click on "Start Game" to start a game. After this, it will ask you to how many goals you want to play, which you can input into the box.
In the game screen, use "Enter" to pause the game. To exit to the main screen, press Escape while paused.
Use the left and right arrow keys for player 1 and the left and right numpad keys for player 2.
Slapshot with Space Bar for player 1 and Numpad 0 for player 2.
Hold with z for player 1 and numpad 5 for player 2.
Timestop with c for player 2 and numpad + for player 2.
To use a special skill, press x for player 1. It is unsupported for player 2, so as of now, it is strictly a single player experience (unless player 2 is fine with being handicapped in this manner).

Misc Info

This was probably the biggest project I worked on during my middle school years. I had big ambitions for it but I never finished it, likely because it has a lot of messy code and I've learned a lot since middle school (the pong demo I wrote in 9th grade was much cleaner and had much better AI than this game does). I still kinda like the idea behind it so I may rewrite it for DirectX, just for fun.











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