What is it? 

This is a puzzle-platformer where you star a man in a box. His goal is to collect every coin on the level to move on to the next one. Almost every level introduces one or more new concepts and the game gets increasingly complex as it progresses.

How do you play?

The objective is to collect all of the coins on a level, which will be indicated as a number somewhere on the level, which can be important for determining how to proceed in the level. There is also another number with the word "Lives" above it that indicates how many lives you have left. When this reaches 0, you will be taken back to the main menu.
Moving left and right are done by the arrow keys. Jumping is accomplished by pressing the space bar. Other skills and abilities will be introduced in a "demonstration" before the level that they are introduced.
To pause the game, press Enter. To go back to the main menu, press Escape while paused.

Misc Info

The game was written in high school. It originally did not have lives and I only added it in after some suggestions. However, I regret adding that into the game because I don't believe in repeating levels over and over again after you have already bested it. It is also kind of pointless going back to the main menu after losing all your lives in a game like this, just to navigate the menu to get back to it. I still like the idea of the game, though, and if in the future I remake this game with more levels, I would not include the lives system, as it stresses the puzzle aspect.






















If you resize the right side of the main screen, you can access the level select.

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