Ball on a Stick game

You need a Java Capable Browser

How to play:
Move around with the directional arrows and shoot by clicking on the screen (the pellets will go in that general direction).
After defeating a certain number of enemies, the round number goes up and a green power up appears on screen. The slash makes you move faster, the square gives you more HP, the sideways stick on a ball makes your pellets move faster, the circle makes everything on the screen die, and the three balls give you autoshot (click to toggle it on and off). Anything blue is an enemy but only the squares and the blue ball on a stick may be shot at (and the blue ball on a stick can't be destroyed, only repelled).

Why this game exists:
During my junior year in high school, I would goof around and make silly side projects during my classtime during AP Java (which actually didn't really differ all that much from my other programming courses in high school). After the AP exam at the end of the year, instead of letting her kids have free time to do what they want (for me, that would be more silly programs), she instead assigned us to do a final game project, since she saw how much time we were spending on making games and decided we should for some reason get a grade on it. This pissed me off and I thought, "FINE. I'll make a stupid game about a stupid ball on a stupid stick that shoots things a blocks." Of course, after I finished the basics, I added a points system, and then power ups, and then different enemy types and started to go nuts on it.
In the end, though, I still wanted to keep working on my personal stuff instead.