Ragnarok Battle Offline Online

What is it?

This is a program that will eventually allow people to play Ragnarok Battle Offline over the internet. Right now, it kinda does the job, but the actual gameplay is extremely glitchy. This release is mostly to test that the program itself works and not the game.

How do you play?

Well, first you will need to obtain a copy of Ragnarok Battle Offline and upgrade it all the way up to Vol 3. You will also need to get Sara-chan's English translation patch (I have not tested it with the Japanese exe so there is no garuntee it'll work if you do it that way). All of this can be obtained at http://www.ragnarokbattle.com.

Also, open up port 25173, if you have a router. The method to do this will be different depending on your router. Look up "port forwarding" for more information.

Oh, and you'll need the .NET framework. I believe you'll need at least 3.5.

The rest should either be explained in the program or is self-explanatory.

Misc Info

Discussion thread: here

Developer and beta thread: here


Version 0.1.0 (stable)

Older versions