What is it? 

Space shooters seem to be like the "Hello World" of game programming, and this is mine. There are two modes, training mode and main mode, with training mode being a mode where you try and hit groups of 6 targets for a minute, with the game keeping track of hits vs misses. The main game is the one with real levels and enemies. There are 5 main ship systems in the game that you get after beating certain levels. They include:

Main Gun - This shoots white pellets that deal 1 dmg to enemies. This is the system you start with. This will later be upgraded to shoot blue pellets diagonally. Press Space Bar to use this.
Super Beam - This is a long blue column that deals continuous damage over time. It can be only used when the indicator at the bottom right of the screen is full (it fills over time). It destroys regular enemy pellets but does not destroy the slower and bigger pellets. Press z to use.
Teleporter - This lets you teleport to different parts of the screen. You are invulnurable while it is active and a short while after teleporting. If no direction is pressed, it teleports you to the opposite side of the screen. If you hold a direction, it teleports you a distance in that direction. This cannot be used while Super Beam is active. Press x to use.
Shield - It protects you from damage. However, it drains over time (it will turn more red to indicate it is running out). It recharges when you are not using it. It is the only way, a large pellet can be blocked. This CAN be used while Super Beam is active. Press c to use.
Bomb - This shoots a bomb upward. When it hits something, it will explode, causing damage to the target and all targets within range. Press Shift to use.

How do you play?

You press left and right arrow keys to move and use the ship's system using the keys indicated above. In order to exit the game, press Escape.

Misc Info

This was one of my programs written in 9th grade during my Visual Basic class because of the enormous amount of free time I had. I had a lot of fun that semester :p.











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