Four Player Pong

This was a collaborative work with my classmate from AP Java in 11th grade

What is it? 

It's pong, except with four players!

How do you play?

There's an instruction manual included, and it tells you all about how to set it up. In order to play with other humans, you must have a local area network set up. This implies you have multiple computers.

Misc Info

The original idea came from my classmate Eric who wanted to make a network pong game during AP Java in 11th grade. I showed him a Visual Basic pong program I had finished in 9th grade and he added network capabilities to it. After that, the idea evolved into making a four player pong game. This is the only real collaborative game I've ever worked on.


Internet version

LAN version










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LAN: G or Ghost option: Essentially the same as chosing "Not Playing" but makes the paddle move around during the match.
Internet: Type G or Ghost in the textbox while choosing "not playing"

CPU Difficulty Level 5: More effective against multiple balls.

If a host clicks on the screen, they can cause an explosion where they clicked.