_glook's Programs and Games

I've been programming since 4th grade and have always had a facination with making silly programs. Once I get enough of them on here, I'll separate them into categories. Right now, since there aren't that many programs, I think a simple description will suffice.

An Android remake of the old Hatalanche game using Box2D physics and libGDX.
Brightness Controller
A utility design to automatically control the brightness of your monitor depending on the time of day in your geographic location and the sunrise/sunset there.
Ball Blocker
An Oculus Rift DK2 game using the Razer Hydra for motion controls, where you block incoming balls from hitting you with shields, and you gain points for it. There's a couple of other hazards to make things a little more interesting.
Change Link Params
A utility designed for Firefox (and related browsers, like Waterfox) that adds a context menu with a bunch of link manipulating options that will open up the link that you've right clicked with changes. For instance, you can open a YouTube video from a playlist without opening the playlist, as one of the options, or skip the first 30 seconds.
Hatalanch 2 (Work in progress)
The sequel to Hatalanche that is much more advanced in pretty much every way. Incomplete.
A Windows gadget-like program that lets you make doodles and notes on a spot on your desktop.
Boxman (Work in progress)
A puzzle-platformer that introduces new ideas on every level and ends with a boss level. It stars a man in a box.
Ragnarok Battle Offline Online v0.1.0b
This is a pet project of mine, where I'm trying to get Ragnarok Battle Offline to work over the internet. It doesn't do a very good job right now but I'm hoping to inject more netcode and get some prediction algorithms eventually.
Four Player Pong
It's just what it sounds like. It also works over the internet!
Air Hockey
An unfinished air hockey game that had such things as time stop abilities and special skills and differing stats for different teams.
A game influenced by Avalanche that adds a bunch of ideas on top of it. GET IT? BECAUSE HATS GO ON TOP! LOLOLOLOLololol.....
Space Shooter
Everyone's gotta have a space shooter, right? It's practically a hello world of gaming.
This game is based off of those mini-basketball games you find in some arcades. My first real attempt at making a 3D game (although the graphics themselves are all still 2D).
Ball and Stick Game
This is a simple game I made from my Junior year in high school for a programming class I took. It plays kinda like SmashTV, where you move and shoot separately, except it shoots in the direction of your mouse curson. It may not work properly, depending on your computer/OS/browser.