What is it? 

You know those carnival/arcade games where you have a bunch of mini-basketballs and you have to shoot as many baskets into the mini-basket at the end within a time limit? You typically get tickets (to redeem toys and candy) afterwards. Well, this is sort of like that.

How do you play?

After you click "Start" (or press spacebar or enter, since the button is already highlighted), you will have a few seconds before the game starts (you know when the shot clock shows negetive numbers). After this, you get one minute to score as many baskets as you can.
You dribble the ball (or push down on it) using the spacebar and you control the ball using the directional keys. That's all there is to it!

Misc Info

I wrote this after I wrote a 3D demo on creating a 3D plane in Visual Basic 6 while using the given shapes and line objects. It is mostly a proof of concept for me, although I never actually took this concept any furthur. I can't exactly remember when this was written but I think it was either 8th, 9th, or 10th grade.











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