Hatalanche 2 - Work In Progress

What is it? 

The sequel to Hatalanche. You control a stick figure guy who has to dodge falling hats and other enemies, while collecting powerups and earning points along the way. This is a work in progress and only has 7 levels to it so far.

How do you play?

The buttons can be seen in the options menu. Joysticks are also supported, if you would like to use those. The objective is to not get hit by the enemies and to survive to the next level. Occasionally, there will be boss enemies you have to defeat to move on to the next level.
There are many different abilities. There are also weapons planned. Right now, the only weapon is the sword, which you can use to hurt enemies. Most hats can be jumped on, but other enemies cannot. The exception are the pointed hats, which for obvious reasons cannot be jumped on.
Green balls are ability power ups. Red balls are minor power ups, like extra HP. Blue balls restore lost HP.
Level progress is saved and levels can be accessed by highlighting "continue" and pressing left and right. Once you've gone to the level you want, select it while still highlighting "continue". Green ability power ups are saved, but red minor power ups are not, and your points start at 0.

Misc Info

This project was started in high school and I've been slowly making progress. That is also why it is written in Visual Basic, dispite me having learned better languages. Even though it is a work in progress I've uploaded it because I'm looking for a job and it's one of my more recent project that is in any shape to be shown.
There are only seven levels as of now (the last one implemented is the one that introduces pointed hats). There is much, much more planned, although I will have to find time to make more.











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