What is it?

This program acts like a Windows 7 gadget that lets you make simple doodles and notes on your desktop.
Actual gadgets don't allow for mouse drag events, so that's why I couldn't just make it a gadget.
Works in Windows and requires .NET Framework, which should be handled by the setup file.


Extract the zip file somewhere and then run setup.exe.

Once the program is installed, you should get a message asking you to create a "blackboard.cfg" file in your "My Documents" folder.
This file is a simple text file (you can use a program like Notepad) with the following numbers saved in it:
The width in pixels (at least 500)
The height in pixels (at least 100)
The X position on the screen in pixels
The Y position on the screen in pixels

You may need to experiment to get the optimal location and size by closing and restarting the program. The program can be closed through the Windows Task Manager. The process name is Blackboard.exe.

How to use

Clicking and dragging on the black box draws. On the top bar, there are two buttons, save and clear. "Clear" clears the blackboard back to all black. "Save" saves what you have drawn as an image file (the default os gif).
Immediately to the right of "Save" are 5 boxes. Clicking on them changes the size of the chalk, with the last one being the eraser.
To the left of clear are all the different colored chalks available.